The New Beginning

Now, new WordPress, new Blog and new me. I used to have a WordPress site and wrote over 200 articles. But because of my main reason and Aliyun’s student server expired I did not keep it up. To be honest, Chinese server providers are much expensive than those abroad. If you want bargain, you have to sign up for a new account to buy it. After various evaluation (mainly download speed, ping value, website visit time, etc.) , I finally chose Vultr’s Japanese node. If you want to try the Vultr’s node, you can click to sign up and you’ll get a $50 reward, and I will also get a commission.

When I begin this new site, I was wondering if I should synchronize the previous articles. Unexpectedly, I didn’t do that. My previous articles were very messy and did not make a good classification. Now I will write each article well and do a good classification. For technical articles, the structure level will be similar to books. Maybe it will be possible to put them together into a book. (Very Stupid).

If you read this article, thank you very much for reading it, and your skills and abilities will be better and better.